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Living room, kitchen, dining room, bedroom, study, corridor, design and decoration of the modern family of six nodes, constitute the face of modern home life of the six cube. Red orange green, radius triangle, the ratio of different colors, materials, carefully carved, every corner of the master of the art transmission out of cultivation and aesthetic taste. Home is the heart of the canvas, fitting moment everyone will not stand idly by, to saving up since childhood, "every family had" the passion shelved.
However, there are edges of blank space on the picturesque, Song Qing Yin Gao Hang. When we visited the newly renovated room that color colorful dances, there are no notes hidden in this silhouetted against the light after it? Good lighting design and lighting not only provides good lighting effects, it is an art of creating atmosphere. Lighting Design Cube also like Beethoven's "Pastoral", a light sprinkle harvest allegro, the andante also like streams of light flow of soft outdated.
When the bustle to feel after a day rest in the shadow of the Harbour harmony; reading, watching TV, chatting, everywhere but with great accuracy the light spectrum into the different priorities of the Suite. Well, this suite behind How much direct light secret?
Living Room Lighting - Multi Symphony

The family living room is always a story of the most diverse interpretations of place, as the hub of family activity, it needs to undertake multi-function center. Therefore, the main points of living room lighting design is to fully consider the use of functional diversity, as well as the living room area, volume and other characteristics are also relatively large, the number of light sources also will be more.

Philips Lighting experts recommend the world, in the living room lighting design programs, you can use soft bright light, no glare, power is also larger products, maintain adequate brightness. When the TV has already become the center of the living room today, but also should consider the use of color and high lighting products, so that accurate lighting choices will not waste a trace of the wonderful programs. In addition, it is recommended to control the design, when the living room to play some of the specific features of a time when the corresponding light on the use of combinations. In this way, that is able to accurately contrast the atmosphere between the various occasions and light complement each other, while full account of energy conservation, improve the efficient use of electricity for lighting.

Kitchen Lighting - Living sonata

Metaphor of life in the kitchen, there have been "pots and pans" Sonata name. And how to make this a joyous song played was the first to ensure there is sufficient light, especially in the operating area can not have shadows and glare, it relates to your sway Daogong the same time, will not harm your fingers. At the same time, the kitchen often fried cooking, smoke and other things is of course indispensable, so when choosing lighting, but also select the seal is good, easy to clean and corrosion-resistant products.

Restaurant Lighting - "color, the smell," Reverberation

Restaurant's vocation is to create a good dining environment, "color, the smell" food standards is the headline of food color. Let the main character has good performance, power, lighting, choice is particularly important. At this time, high color rendering light source will be your first choice. Philips, the world's lighting experts recommend: TLE80 tricolor tube, because the use of red, green, blue as a central theme of "optical palette" for the nearest restaurant to bring the color of the sun, the future development direction of restaurant lighting.

Choice in lighting, lighting designers suggested that the cost of permitting, more consideration and dining furniture, color, style, harmony of the product. To light and color mixing as a whole, meal and exchange Coward.

Bedroom lighting - four hands warm Nocturne

Bedroom are their own private space, it carries with it the true feelings without modification. Therefore, in the lighting design: experts recommend soft light, adjustable, no noise as the basic factors to consider. Soft light is to create a soothing environment for the psychological decompression. Can control is to allow people to laugh, to communicate seamlessly on both light and shadow to make the background.

With the bedroom tend to personalize the style of decoration, diversification, choice of lighting also will advance with the times. Bedroom ceiling with the most common is gradually detached from the pattern of world domination pure white, bright color, Phnom Penh, silver and other decorative edge lighting significant increase in like four hands of the wonderful time variation, together with the room's tone jumps.

Study light - light solo

Study is a family heritage of cultural and artistic accomplishments reflect the most profound, so lighting in the design of study programs need to reflect the more imaginative. The demand for lighting utility allows you to ask a powerful tool when reading the book, whirlwind tour of the thinking of the ocean without the interference of visual fatigue. Artistic aspirations and the study is to tune the overall style of decoration, and even become the most attractive pay attention to study the light fulcrum.

Lighting some of the basis of study: general choices are the ceiling, placed in the central study. Recommended light intensity and color of people working long hours without fatigue of three-color tube series. In the study, some of the key lighting, Philips Lighting experts recommend that you use eye protection and energy-saving lamp series, in hardware, fully protected the health of the eye.

Corridor lighting - fresh overture

Home strung together a colorful corridor's Cube. Philips Lighting experts recommend the world: the basic principles of lighting design corridor is the bright light, because in these areas, people need to constantly move around, so plenty of light intensity and not cast a shadow, an important basis for the selection source. When guests visit, when the corridor lighting is displayed to the guest's "face", a warm light to the appropriate host and the guest have a better exchange of experience. Appropriate lighting for the corridor that people go home after a series of "music" sounded, Ming fresh out of the first prelude.
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Philips Home Lighting Strategy: Fun Home Lighting - Fiber Optic Multiplexer Manufacturer

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Philips Home Lighting Strategy: Fun Home Lighting - Fiber Optic Multiplexer Manufacturer

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