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November 10 evening, the Sofitel Zhengzhou, the Illumination Industry leader?? Philips Lighting host city. Residents. Lighting Zhengzhou Forum LED Lamp lighting ceremony was officially opened in Zhengzhou, marking the Philips LED lighting application program under way in China, a new starting point. Zhengzhou Municipal Management Deputy Secretary, Zhengzhou City Landscape Lighting Command commander Mr. Li Feng, CEO of Philips Greater China, Mr. Lin Liangqi lighting business, attended the event.

Lighting ceremony, to a city road lighting in China in the history of the video introduction, the audience will view to the street bet interaction between development and evolution of the city, and ultimately implement the "Green Road", and create sustainable Development of future themes. With the two sides and jointly promote the front of the stage guests start bar, representing the latest technology, Philips LED lighting lamp-ClearLine crashed and bright, as the audience attention.

This year, Philips major cities in China to promote City.People.Light (cities. Residents. Light, referred to as CPL) concept, the harmony of urban sustainable development is the subject of one of the CPL in this topic, Philips advocates should be people-oriented city, the pursuit of sustainable development. Lighting to meet the people live, work, health and safety, while the basic function, to create more people with the city, a place of communication between people integrate, but also bring a sense of belonging and pride to city residents. Urban roads for people to travel facilitated the city an important part of the night lighting, high-quality lighting can not only improve the quality of road lighting lighting, providing a more secure travel environment, while also saving Environmental protection Promote the sustainable development of cities. Road lighting, Philips has a variety of energy-saving lighting solutions for environmental protection: to ClearLine represented LED street lighting products, Warm white lighting systems, dimming systems, the road to help China achieve green upgrade city roads.

2009 in the second half, Zhengzhou City, in response to the Government's call for energy saving, large-scale in Zhengzhou City, Street and Lane reconstruction project. The project involves a total of 34 road reconstruction, including Fung Hing Road, Green Road, Luoyang Road, North Avenue, Changhong Road, Drainage East Rd. The road next to the residential areas because of so determined Zhengzhou street lighting with high-quality Philips LED lights ClearLine, the fully protected under the premise of safety lighting, saving 45% Energy Consumption, creating a more secure, green, modern city.

Currently, the city public lighting lighting power consumption in China accounted for about 30%, about 43.9 billion kwh, the average price 0.65 yuan / kwh calculation, the annual expenditure of up to 285 billion, which is the enormous power number. With the increasingly tight energy supply, energy saving lighting has become inevitable road. At present, China uses most of the high-voltage lighting Sodium lamp There is short-lived, low color rendering index, and can not adjust power and other defects. The LED with high color rendering index, light uniformity, high luminous efficiency, long life and dimming performance and good many advantages, as the ideal city road lighting environment-friendly energy source. Phase, according to Philips

Relevant personnel, and the way in Zhengzhou, the promotion of the Philips lighting products?? ClearLine is using cutting-edge LED technology, advanced functional street lights to energy efficient to meet the modern city of sustainable development.

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Philips energy saving LED lights upgrade path to accelerate Zhengzhou - Philips, LED lamps - Lighting Industry

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Philips energy saving LED lights upgrade path to accelerate Zhengzhou - Philips, LED lamps - Lighting Industry

This article was published on 2010/09/17