LED Lighting – The Lighting Of The Future

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In a recently held Asian energy conference, Cree Asia Pacific Vice president Li Shiyi commented that the future growth of the lighting very much depended on international acceptance. He went on to explain that LED needed to be cleverly marketed to show people that it was more efficient and even more powerful than traditional lighting, but lasted longer and saved consumers money.

In the past some people have been put off using LED lighting because they have found the design unattractive or felt that the light produced was not bright enough. However this is no longer the case as the most up to date designs were showcased at the conference and the sleek designs and powerful light emitting ability proved an instant hit.

Not only does LED outshine traditional lighting in terms of brightness and design, over the coming years it will also be sold much more cheaply than it's traditional counterpart, which will make it extremely hard for nay sayers to find a reason not to switch from traditional to LED lighting.

These days we all want  more space and this can be achieved by installing lighting in your garden. It's great because it means you can spend more time outside in the summer months. However, the whole experience can be very unpleasant if you have traditional lighting because the heat it emits attracts insects, meaning you have to share your garden space with all sorts of creepy crawlies and tolerate being bitten. Another great advantage of LED lights is that they give off very little heat and so attract a fraction of the insects that traditional outdoor lights do.

During the Asian conference it was concluded that sales of LED lighting were growing at an enormous rate and looked likely to take over from traditional lighting in the very near future. The largest growth market for Led is backlights for laptops and digital televisions. The second largest growing market is for domestic lighting. One conference spokesman said he could not imagine that there would be many people using traditional lighting within the home by the end of the next decade.


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LED Lighting – The Lighting Of The Future

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This article was published on 2011/05/11