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Is there one way above all others that is the ‘right' way to light your bathroom? Or is it, like most things in life, a maze of confusing contradictory advice and uncertainty? Well, the truth is, it's all down to the individual. Not only will different people prefer different sorts of lighting, but the different activities the bathroom is used for will also have a major effect on the type of lighting used.

For example, smaller rooms with just a shower and no bath aren't going to need to be as well lit as a sprawling bathroom with all manner of different areas. Likewise, those who want to spend hours relaxing in a bath are going to need more specific lighting around the tub itself, while those whose primary concern is getting that make up just right will most likely be wanting some specific vanity lighting, perhaps recessed into a mirror.

Either way, the first rule is that you will need general lighting. Ceiling lighting is the most common kind. The trick here is not to have it too bright, but also not to have it too dark. Either will make the room feel unwelcoming, and having it too murky will also most likely lead to accidents in such an environment. For those who want to have a more subtle feel to their bathroom lighting, having the ceiling lighting recessed into the ceiling will make for a much more comfortable feel to the lights there.

Home lighting needs to be carefully thought through though, and adding both task and accent lighting to the general lighting will ensure you have the mood you want in your bathroom. Having shadows on your face when trying to get ready or having to strain your eyes to see will not be great for anyone.

Finally, remember that home lighting isn't the only thing to capitalise on. Natural light should also be maximised wherever possible. And that one is free.

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Bathroom Lighting

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This article was published on 2010/12/07